Mr. Green Online Casino Review

One of the most popular online casinos you’ll ever come across is Mr. Green Online Casino. With the name ‘Green’ linking back to the idea that the site will either take away all your ‘green’ (money) or give you a load of it, it won’t take long before you find yourself wrapped up in the cheeky charm of this online casino.


The unique ‘green’ theme lasts throughout the entirety of the site! Mr. Green is a character in a green top hat, coat, trousers and boots with a green cane and a green car! The site’s primary use of color is- you guessed it, green. The font is green. Everything is green! It can look a bit much at first, but after a while, you get used to it- green is the color of money after all, and we all love some of that!


The casino offers a welcome bonus to all new players, as is standard, with a small amount of cash to match your initial deposit and some free game time on one of the slot machines of your choice too. This is quite appealing to new clients and has proved to be a popular way to attract people to the site. Another bonus aspect of the site that appeals to customers and keeps them returning to the site is the personalized rewards. Depending on a few personal factors, for example, which games you play the most and for how long, Mr. Green Online Casino will cater special promotional deals and bonus offers to you, which is appealing!


Mr. Green Online Casino is a relatively small site in comparison to some of its competitors. However, it still has a brilliant range of games, with over 100 different slot games to choose from and over 100 different style games, such as table games and live games, to choose from too. There’s even a live dealer option on the site which is always a feature lusted after by online gamblers.


In 2016, Mr. Green Online Casino won the award for Mobile Casino of the Year, so believe us when we tell you that the mobile adaptation of the site is brilliant. You can access the casino in full and use all of the features in the same way as you would on a desktop computer or laptop without encountering any kinds of issues, which is very handy in the midst of this digital age.


Vera and John Online Casino Review

Only having been around since 2011, Vera and John’s online casino is still relatively new on the scene; however, it didn’t take long for it to quickly grow and become one of the biggest names in online gambling. Now, if you’re entering the world of online casinos for the first time, you can bet anything you like one of the first names that you’ll come across is Vera and John.


The site is appealing from the get go, with a bright colored user interface that is oh so easy to navigate around. Everything is laid out clearly on the home page, including subcategories of different styles of games and the daily promotion that is running at that time- this changes all the time, which is one thing guaranteed to keep you coming back for more!


As a new player to the site, you’ll be entitled to receive the generous welcome bonus from Vera and John; 100% extra on your first deposit up to 100 euros, which might not seem like a lot compared to some sites, but for a site that’s still relatively new and working on its reputation, this is very generous indeed.


The selection of games is above and beyond what you’d expect from a website that is still so relatively new; there’s a diverse range of games which is brilliant to see. You can take your pick from slots, video slots, poker and video poker, table games, instant games and jackpots too- the choice is yours! The best part is that all of these games are fully adaptable to the mobile version of the site, so not only can you play from the comfort of your own home, but also while you’re out and about on the go too!


Customer service on the website is very satisfactory indeed. You can reach an advisor via the live chat application or via telephone from 3 pm until 11 pm every day. Alternatively, you can send them an email, and you’ll be sure to receive a reply within 24 hours, which is quite speedy in comparison with some of the other online casinos around.


Payment methods accepted by Vera and John are all the usual ones; credit and debit cards, direct bank transfer and some e-wallets too, such as Neteller.


Our Top 6 Casinos in Macau

Macau is riddled with casinos, but if you’re here for a trip, how will you know where the best places to go are? Well, don’t worry because we have you covered with our list of the top six casinos in Macau!


Grand Lisboa

The Grand Lisboa claims to offer the best poker games in the whole of Asia- and we have to say, with what knowledge we have, we agree! The casino teeters precariously on the edge of classy and tacky with it’s bright, multicolored light display but the casino itself is brilliant. It actually offers one of the best rewards programs we’ve encountered before. Every single day, without fail, eight individuals win $1,000 in cash and a night in one of the hotel rooms, which is worth a lot of money. There’s a great variety of games on offer, and you’re bound to have a great night here – if a competitive one!


Venetian Macao

Often frequented by some of the most famous celebrities in the world, including the likes of Beyonce, the casino in Venetian Macao is a spectacular one. There is a very strict dress code- for example, you can’t wear sandals inside the casino- but it is only because the casino itself is so sophisticated. The gambling isn’t as up to scratch here as it is in some of the other Macau casinos due to being riddled with tourists so often, but it makes for an entertaining night in a relatively luxurious venue, so you can hardly complain


Wynn Macau

The Wynn Macau is one of the most expensive places to visit in Macau. The shopping center possesses only the top designer brands- think Gucci and Versace. The food is all Michelin star, and the rooms are all lavishly decorated. Because of this, the players that frequent the casino are often high-rollers, looking for a game with stakes higher than you could imagine. There is a great mix of contemporary and classic casino games on offer here, which keeps things interesting throughout the night.


Sands Macao

The Sands Macao is for the real gamblers; the ones who are in it to win it and not in it for much else. While there is a large, 36-meter long chandelier, that’s basically the only fancy thing about the casino. It sticks to the basics and keeps things simple, offering an excellent range of games but nothing too extravagant. It is because of this that it manages to attract so many top of the range players and so many professionals; all the people who want to have a good night out in a casino without being bombarded or held back by tourists.


Galaxy Rio Macau

If you’re a couple made up of one man and one woman like us, you probably won’t find a trip to the Galaxy Rio Macau that enjoyable. Don’t get us wrong; the casino is brilliant! It’s vast; it’s filled with a great range of indie games, favorite games, unique games and classic games. However, for some unknown reason, the casino is extremely male dominated. And while you will see women there, they will mostly be working as a beautiful face. This is basically the ideal resort to visit as part of a stag do or a lad’s holiday!


City of Dreams

The gaming floor in the City of Dreams is truly exhilarating. It is the best and the biggest of all the gaming floors of all the resorts in Macau, which is quite mind boggling. As well as being the biggest and the best, it is also one of the most glamorous. There is no Vegas or Venetian theme; nothing but the utmost style and luxe when it comes to the interior design. As can be expected, it is only really visited by high-rollers and very rich businessmen as opposed to tourists.


The Venetian Macao Review

For £117 a night, you can nab yourself one of the most luxurious breaks of your life with a trip to the Venetian in Macau. It might sound costly- okay, okay, it is expensive- but it is definitely worth breaking the bank for. Everything about this place screams elegance, and it’s honestly not a resort you want to miss out on.


The general theme of the place is Venice, paying homage to the city built on water in Italy; there are even gondolas floating through a manmade thread of canals in the center of the resort! You can go for a ride through the resort, a gondolier pointing out places of interest to you as if you were really in Venice! In the rooms, you will find Venetian style structures, and statues are decorating the resort, thick rugs, and carpets with floral patterns and a general color scheme of blue, teal, champagne gold and cream.


There is a vast array of amenities available within the hotel, including a large kids club called Qube, a fitness center, a spa that doubles as a hospital, a pool, a golf course and much, much more. There’s also a great variety of bedroom styles too, including a great family room that has bunk beds for the children and a play area, as well as a more child-friendly interior and color scheme. However, if you’re not traveling as a family, take your pick of any of the luxurious double bedrooms, suites, and apartments, all with astonishing views.


The casino is equally as impressive as the rest of the resort, and it’s hotel rooms. It stretches over 546,000 square feet and is, rather uniquely, divided into four different areas, each with a different theme to it. These all have their own names, three of which are named after animals; Imperial House, Phoenix, Red Dragon and Golden Fish. Each area offers an entirely different gaming experience, so make sure you visit all four and don’t just stick to one! Across all four areas there are 3,400 slot machines to choose from and 800 table games and poker games, so the hardest part of your visit will probably be deciding what to play, and where to start first!


There is a strict dress code for the casino. If you’re not dressed to the nines, you won’t be let in, and if you’re wearing trainers or sandals, you definitely won’t be let in. Interestingly, they give out what seems to be a limitless supply of free water bottles to guests in the casino, which is nice of them.


If you want somewhere elegant and sophisticated to spend a few nights, then you should definitely consider the Venetian. It has its own unique quirks, such as the man-made canal and the gondola rides, but still remains completely classy. We love it.


Galaxy Macau Review

If you’re ever making a trip to Hong Kong, it’s worthwhile trying to save up as much cash as you can so that you can make a trip to Galaxy Macau- even if just for the day. You might have to sell your soul to be able to afford it, but it would honestly be well worth your while.

The Galaxy Macau is a casino resort that cost $2 billion to create. To call it a resort really doesn’t seem to cover it when you take in the fact that it holds six hotels with a combined total of 3,800 rooms, 10 bars, and 55 restaurants! You won’t be at a loss of things to do if you choose to stay here.

Set in the world famous Cotai Strip, surrounded by other dazzling buildings, there are a number of features that make Galaxy Macau stand out from the crowd. Let’s take the man made, rooftop beach for one thing. There is 150 meters of soft, white sand, a 4,000 square meter pool and even stimulated waves that reach as high as 1.5 meters in height, actually creating that real life beach experience in the middle of the busy city. Then there’s the fine tea, the excellent treatment from the extremely attractive members of staff, the luxurious designs of the bedrooms (all of which come with their own private pool!) and the amazing dining experience that is provided too. And that’s just the hotel side of things!

The casino is outstanding. You obviously wouldn’t expect anything less, but your mind will be blown from the moment you first walk into the casino. Open for 24 hours a day; there is over 420,000 square feet of the casino to explore, whenever you’re ready to, be it straight after breakfast, or for a more romantic date in the evening. This vast gambling arena holds 540 table games and 1,900 different gaming machines. This sounds like a lot, but in somewhere as vast as this, the casino does get very busy very quickly, and so you can sometimes find yourself battling for space at the table or slot machine of your choice.

There are 30 different poker tables, and some of these are available to be booked out privately- usually by people who are looking to play a game with higher stakes than you could ever even imagine! The interior of the casino is very sophisticated and glamorous- it’s definitely a tuxedo affair for the men and an elegant dress for the ladies!

There are plenty of other hotel amenities to be enjoyed, and the staff really do go above and beyond to help their guests out in any way that they can. Just a short trip from the ferry stop via the free shuttle bus, the Galaxy Macau is definitely somewhere we’d recommend staying!

MGM Grand Las Vegas Review

MGM Grand Las Vegas is one of the most famous casino resorts in Las Vegas- perhaps even in the world. So many people flock from all over the world to come and visit this large casino resort, and with good reason too!


One of the reasons MGM Grand is so popular is because it offers so much more than just a casino. While the casino alone would almost certainly be enough to keep resort guests satisfied, there is also restaurants, bars, clubs, pool, a gym, shows on nearly every night and so much more! You could easily spend an entire week at the MGM Grand without having to leave at all- it just offers everything.


Sitting towards the end of the strip, MGM Grand isn’t located right in the center of the strip surrounded by the constant hubbub of tourists and locals alike, but rather it sits on a slightly quieter portion of the strip. Don’t let this trick you into thinking you’ll get any peace and quiet, though! Much like most major cities, Las Vegas never sleeps, and people genuinely do party all day and then party all night too.


The interior of the MGM Grand is a little bit edgy. While it is one of the most classy resorts to stay in, this isn’t necessarily reflected in the interior design. If you were to stay at the nearby Venetian, you’d have marble pillars and high ceilings, golden mirrors and a luxurious feel to the place. At the MGM Grand, everything is a little more in your face. There’s bright colors, abstract art pieces, bronze statues and mood lighting.


The MGM Grand Casino is, of course, incredible- could you really expect anything less? The casino is one of the top ten casinos in the world in terms of size and offers guests almost 200 different card and table games, which is a huge variety to choose from! The stakes are pretty high in the casino, and there’s a lot of high ballers that want to play, but if you can handle them, you’re in for a good night, and maybe even a big win!


The Venetian Las Vegas Review

The Venetian in Las Vegas is so much more than just your bog-standard casino. It is one of the most romantic places to stay in Las Vegas, making it ideal for a couple like us! The interior of the building, from the entrance hall to the private bedrooms are all decked out in elegant finery enough to take your breath away, while a mildly Italian theme runs throughout the building regarding design and features.


The interior is what you’d expect from such a magnificent building; large, domed ceilings, enormous windows letting in a great amount of natural light, smooth marble floors and marble pillars too, with large vases filled with flowers scattered across the building leaving a delicious scent in the air.


While the resort isn’t located directly on the strip in the midst of the hustle and bustle of Las Vegas, it is only a few minutes walk away from the heart of the city. It is very close to a number of other casinos, including the equally as beautiful Mirage, and is directly connected to its sister resort, The Palazzo, by a large shopping center. The shopping center certainly needs an entire day dedicated to it on your stay, that’s for sure!


The casino within the resort isn’t anything to brag about, but it’s nothing to be disappointed with. When so much effort has gone into the decor of the resort, the services you receive and the food and drink served in the restaurant; you can see how much dedication has gone into making your stay at The Venetian a luxurious one, rather than focusing primarily on the gambling. The casino is by no means one of the biggest around, but it is glamorous, and it does have a good variety of machine games, poker games, and table games too.


The area surrounding The Venetian is quite scenic. There are some canals running around the grounds of the building, flowers blossoming everywhere and the smiling faces of staff members, always on hand and ready to assist, are seen in an abundance.


If you’re looking for a place to stay that will provide you with the most elegant experience of a lifetime, or if you want to be treated like a glamorous movie star, a stay at The Venetian is a must.


Our Worldwide Casino Bucket List

When you love traveling and gambling as much as we do, you’re bound to have a huge list of places all over the world that you’d like to visit, as well as all the casino’s in these places that you’d like to visit too. Here are some of the places on our worldwide casino bucket list!


Borgata Hotel Casino and Spa

We love the fact that the Borgata Hotel Casino and Spa in Atlantic City has so many different elements to it! We can stay in the hotel, spend our days relaxing in the luxurious spa and then gamble the nights away in the large casino! There’s also 17 different bars to choose from if we feel like we haven’t had enough beverages to choose from!


MGM Grand Las Vegas

The MGM Grand in Las Vegas is a casino that every individual must visit, even just for the experience of doing so! It is the eighth largest casino in the world and has 178 different card and table games! It’s also a hotel, so if we had the cash to splash, we could even stay the night here. Ah, that’s the dream!


Tusk Rio Casino Resort

A trip to South Africa is always desirable because who doesn’t want to be in constant warm weather? However, a trip to South Africa gets even better when you can visit the Tusk Rio Casino Resort. With 257 gaming machines and 12 different card and table games, you’re really spoilt for choice.


City of Dreams Resort

If you think gambling is big in Las Vegas, wait until you make a trip to China. We’d love to pay a visit to the beautiful City of Dreams Resort; it’s the second largest casino in the world and will absolutely take your breath away before you’ve even set foot inside of the building! Spanning 420,000 square feet, there are more gaming options available than you could even begin to imagine!


Casino Lisboa

If you’re after some hot sun, sangria and a bit of a good time, then the Casino Lisboa in Lisbon, Portugal, should be high on your list- it’s definitely high on ours! It’s a huge casino, stretching itself out over 165,000 square feet and offers a high-class service that you could only dream of receiving anywhere else. And boy are we dreaming of it!


Our Top 10 Casinos in Las Vegas

As lovers of gambling and lovers of travel, it only makes sense that Las Vegas is one of our favorite places to visit! You really are spoilt for choice when it comes to casinos in Vegas because there does seem to be a never-ending parade of them! However, there are some that we favor above the rest, and we thought we’d share them with you! Here are our top ten casinos in Las Vegas!


The Mirage

If you haven’t heard of The Mirage, you must have been living under a rock. It is one of the most impressive casinos in the world, not to mention Vegas, and is incredibly famous. The Mirage was the first casino to start off the Las Vegas that we know and love today, and all guests to the casino receive five-star treatment!


The Stratosphere Casino

Set at the top of a large tower, the Stratosphere Casino gives you magnificent views across the whole of Las Vegas, which at night is really something special to see. The casino spans a floor space of 7,400 square feet and possesses over 2,000 different kinds of games – you definitely won’t be stuck for choice if you pay them a visit.


The Palms

The Palms Casino Resort is one of the largest, most famous and most popular casinos in the whole of Las Vegas- people flock to play here from all over the world, including us! More than just a casino, The Palms is a huge entertainment resort with a concert theater, recording studio, lounges and bars, restaurants and much more!


Caesars Palace

Caesars Palace is one of the most famous casinos in the world and features in the films, and TV shows quite a lot! With its Ancient Greek theme giving it that unique edge, several celebrities are seen performing here or even gambling here, including the likes of Celine Dion, Elton John, and Cher.



Without a doubt, Binion’s is one of the best casinos in Las Vegas. Formerly known as Binion’s Horseshoe, it is one of the oldest casinos there- and one of the only one’s that actually provides the original casino experience. Not only are you guaranteed a good game when you’re there, you feel as though you’re going through a piece of history too.


Mandalay Bay

Mandalay Bay Casino really is a sight for sore eyes. If you want a casino with all the glitz and glamor, Mandalay Bay is the one for you! With a Southeast Asian theme, there are almost 13,000 square feet of gaming space!


Treasure Island

As the name gives away, the Treasure Island casino has a quirky pirate theme to it that really makes it stand out, and we love that! It’s a little bit different from the rest! The building cost $450 million to construct, and as you might imagine, such a large space holds a really broad variety of diverse games!


New York-New York

No, despite the name being all about New York, this casino is definitely situated in Las Vegas and is one we love to pay a visit to when we get the chance! Attached to a hotel making it easy to plan breaks away to Vegas as well as casino visits, New York-New York has almost 8,000 square feet of gambling space!



Located in the heart of Las Vegas’ strip, the Bellagio is one of the most luxurious, glamorous casinos there is to visit. Known for its impressive looks, its excellent fountain display, and its large casino, frequented by professional gamblers from all over the globe, if you’re in Vegas you absolutely must take the time (and money!) to visit!


Hard Rock Casino

As unique as the Hard Rock Cafe’s, the Hard Rock Casinos are just as top notch when it comes to interior and service. The casino spans across just shy of 3,000 square kilometers of space, and there is even a whole room dedicated just to poker games!


Our Top 10 Online Casinos

As a couple, we love to gamble. We love the thrill of placing a bet, never knowing if you’re going to win or whether you’re risking it all! However, there are some sites we find ourselves continually coming back to, and so we thought we’d share with you our top ten online casinos!


Slots Magic Casino

When you sign up to be a member of the Slots Magic Casino site, you get an enormous welcome bonus of 200 free spins, plus £400 to play with, which is amazing. The site is really easy to navigate around, and we have made some of our biggest wins here.


Betsafe Casino

If you are a gambling man (or woman!), you’ll no doubt have heard of Betsafe Casino- they’re one of the most famous online casinos around! They have such a great variety of games to choose from, run special promotions on a weekly basis and have a spectacular sign up bonus of £1,000 and 60 free spins!


888 Casino

Another huge name in the online casino industry is 888 Casino- and we love them just as much as everybody else does! There are 62 live table games available on the website, and all games are fully adaptable to mobile devices too, which is handy if you want to play on the go! As great fans of traveling, this is very advantageous to us.



Ladbrokes is one of the most famous names in the online casino world, as well as the real casino world- if not the most famous! We love using Ladbrokes because their mobile site is so easy to use while we’re traveling here there and everywhere, and they regularly run promotions which save us money and give us big wins- meaning we have more money to spend on flights and accommodation when we take a trip!



What isn’t to like about Betway Casino? Especially when they offer an enormous sign-up bonus for new players of £1,000! They have an excellent and diverse range of games available on both their desktop site and their mobile site, some of which include some brilliant live table games.


Gala Casino

Gala Casino has 44 live table games and 199 mobile games- and a whole lot more available on their desktop site! The user interface is easy to navigate around on both the desktop and mobile version of the site, and they consistently run a jackpot that has you in for some big wins.



BetVictor is one of our go-to sites for online gambling for a multitude of reasons; we love the brilliant range of games, the endless promotions and bonuses that seem to run and also the generous sign-up bonus of £200, and a 200% match on your first deposit!


Vera and John

Vera and John is another one of those names that you’re bound to know if you’re any kind of gambler. They offer some brilliant games, from small, indie style games to the most current, up to date games. You’re spoilt for choice with the variation of styles. Their site is fully mobile adaptable which is hugely advantageous to a globetrotting couple like ourselves, and their sign up bonus is incredibly generous.


Mr Green

The name might not sound serious, but there’s no fooling around when it comes to the Mr. Green site! The mobile version of the site alone has 275 games available, and that’s good enough for us!



Karamba isn’t a popular gambling site for everyone, but it’s definitely one of our favorites- even if it is just for the cute parrot logo! They don’t have as large of a variety of games as some online casinos, but they definitely have enough to keep us satisfied. And let’s not forget about the generous sign-up bonus of £200 either!