The Venetian Macao Review

For £117 a night, you can nab yourself one of the most luxurious breaks of your life with a trip to the Venetian in Macau. It might sound costly- okay, okay, it is expensive- but it is definitely worth breaking the bank for. Everything about this place screams elegance, and it’s honestly not a resort you want to miss out on.


The general theme of the place is Venice, paying homage to the city built on water in Italy; there are even gondolas floating through a manmade thread of canals in the center of the resort! You can go for a ride through the resort, a gondolier pointing out places of interest to you as if you were really in Venice! In the rooms, you will find Venetian style structures, and statues are decorating the resort, thick rugs, and carpets with floral patterns and a general color scheme of blue, teal, champagne gold and cream.


There is a vast array of amenities available within the hotel, including a large kids club called Qube, a fitness center, a spa that doubles as a hospital, a pool, a golf course and much, much more. There’s also a great variety of bedroom styles too, including a great family room that has bunk beds for the children and a play area, as well as a more child-friendly interior and color scheme. However, if you’re not traveling as a family, take your pick of any of the luxurious double bedrooms, suites, and apartments, all with astonishing views.


The casino is equally as impressive as the rest of the resort, and it’s hotel rooms. It stretches over 546,000 square feet and is, rather uniquely, divided into four different areas, each with a different theme to it. These all have their own names, three of which are named after animals; Imperial House, Phoenix, Red Dragon and Golden Fish. Each area offers an entirely different gaming experience, so make sure you visit all four and don’t just stick to one! Across all four areas there are 3,400 slot machines to choose from and 800 table games and poker games, so the hardest part of your visit will probably be deciding what to play, and where to start first!


There is a strict dress code for the casino. If you’re not dressed to the nines, you won’t be let in, and if you’re wearing trainers or sandals, you definitely won’t be let in. Interestingly, they give out what seems to be a limitless supply of free water bottles to guests in the casino, which is nice of them.


If you want somewhere elegant and sophisticated to spend a few nights, then you should definitely consider the Venetian. It has its own unique quirks, such as the man-made canal and the gondola rides, but still remains completely classy. We love it.