Our Top 6 Casinos in Macau

Macau is riddled with casinos, but if you’re here for a trip, how will you know where the best places to go are? Well, don’t worry because we have you covered with our list of the top six casinos in Macau!


Grand Lisboa

The Grand Lisboa claims to offer the best poker games in the whole of Asia- and we have to say, with what knowledge we have, we agree! The casino teeters precariously on the edge of classy and tacky with it’s bright, multicolored light display but the casino itself is brilliant. It actually offers one of the best rewards programs we’ve encountered before. Every single day, without fail, eight individuals win $1,000 in cash and a night in one of the hotel rooms, which is worth a lot of money. There’s a great variety of games on offer, and you’re bound to have a great night here – if a competitive one!


Venetian Macao

Often frequented by some of the most famous celebrities in the world, including the likes of Beyonce, the casino in Venetian Macao is a spectacular one. There is a very strict dress code- for example, you can’t wear sandals inside the casino- but it is only because the casino itself is so sophisticated. The gambling isn’t as up to scratch here as it is in some of the other Macau casinos due to being riddled with tourists so often, but it makes for an entertaining night in a relatively luxurious venue, so you can hardly complain


Wynn Macau

The Wynn Macau is one of the most expensive places to visit in Macau. The shopping center possesses only the top designer brands- think Gucci and Versace. The food is all Michelin star, and the rooms are all lavishly decorated. Because of this, the players that frequent the casino are often high-rollers, looking for a game with stakes higher than you could imagine. There is a great mix of contemporary and classic casino games on offer here, which keeps things interesting throughout the night.


Sands Macao

The Sands Macao is for the real gamblers; the ones who are in it to win it and not in it for much else. While there is a large, 36-meter long chandelier, that’s basically the only fancy thing about the casino. It sticks to the basics and keeps things simple, offering an excellent range of games but nothing too extravagant. It is because of this that it manages to attract so many top of the range players and so many professionals; all the people who want to have a good night out in a casino without being bombarded or held back by tourists.


Galaxy Rio Macau

If you’re a couple made up of one man and one woman like us, you probably won’t find a trip to the Galaxy Rio Macau that enjoyable. Don’t get us wrong; the casino is brilliant! It’s vast; it’s filled with a great range of indie games, favorite games, unique games and classic games. However, for some unknown reason, the casino is extremely male dominated. And while you will see women there, they will mostly be working as a beautiful face. This is basically the ideal resort to visit as part of a stag do or a lad’s holiday!


City of Dreams

The gaming floor in the City of Dreams is truly exhilarating. It is the best and the biggest of all the gaming floors of all the resorts in Macau, which is quite mind boggling. As well as being the biggest and the best, it is also one of the most glamorous. There is no Vegas or Venetian theme; nothing but the utmost style and luxe when it comes to the interior design. As can be expected, it is only really visited by high-rollers and very rich businessmen as opposed to tourists.