Our Top 10 Online Casinos

As a couple, we love to gamble. We love the thrill of placing a bet, never knowing if you’re going to win or whether you’re risking it all! However, there are some sites we find ourselves continually coming back to, and so we thought we’d share with you our top ten online casinos!


Slots Magic Casino

When you sign up to be a member of the Slots Magic Casino site, you get an enormous welcome bonus of 200 free spins, plus £400 to play with, which is amazing. The site is really easy to navigate around, and we have made some of our biggest wins here.


Betsafe Casino

If you are a gambling man (or woman!), you’ll no doubt have heard of Betsafe Casino- they’re one of the most famous online casinos around! They have such a great variety of games to choose from, run special promotions on a weekly basis and have a spectacular sign up bonus of £1,000 and 60 free spins!


888 Casino

Another huge name in the online casino industry is 888 Casino- and we love them just as much as everybody else does! There are 62 live table games available on the website, and all games are fully adaptable to mobile devices too, which is handy if you want to play on the go! As great fans of traveling, this is very advantageous to us.



Ladbrokes is one of the most famous names in the online casino world, as well as the real casino world- if not the most famous! We love using Ladbrokes because their mobile site is so easy to use while we’re traveling here there and everywhere, and they regularly run promotions which save us money and give us big wins- meaning we have more money to spend on flights and accommodation when we take a trip!



What isn’t to like about Betway Casino? Especially when they offer an enormous sign-up bonus for new players of £1,000! They have an excellent and diverse range of games available on both their desktop site and their mobile site, some of which include some brilliant live table games.


Gala Casino

Gala Casino has 44 live table games and 199 mobile games- and a whole lot more available on their desktop site! The user interface is easy to navigate around on both the desktop and mobile version of the site, and they consistently run a jackpot that has you in for some big wins.



BetVictor is one of our go-to sites for online gambling for a multitude of reasons; we love the brilliant range of games, the endless promotions and bonuses that seem to run and also the generous sign-up bonus of £200, and a 200% match on your first deposit!


Vera and John

Vera and John is another one of those names that you’re bound to know if you’re any kind of gambler. They offer some brilliant games, from small, indie style games to the most current, up to date games. You’re spoilt for choice with the variation of styles. Their site is fully mobile adaptable which is hugely advantageous to a globetrotting couple like ourselves, and their sign up bonus is incredibly generous.


Mr Green

The name might not sound serious, but there’s no fooling around when it comes to the Mr. Green site! The mobile version of the site alone has 275 games available, and that’s good enough for us!



Karamba isn’t a popular gambling site for everyone, but it’s definitely one of our favorites- even if it is just for the cute parrot logo! They don’t have as large of a variety of games as some online casinos, but they definitely have enough to keep us satisfied. And let’s not forget about the generous sign-up bonus of £200 either!