Our Top 10 Casinos in Las Vegas

As lovers of gambling and lovers of travel, it only makes sense that Las Vegas is one of our favorite places to visit! You really are spoilt for choice when it comes to casinos in Vegas because there does seem to be a never-ending parade of them! However, there are some that we favor above the rest, and we thought we’d share them with you! Here are our top ten casinos in Las Vegas!


The Mirage

If you haven’t heard of The Mirage, you must have been living under a rock. It is one of the most impressive casinos in the world, not to mention Vegas, and is incredibly famous. The Mirage was the first casino to start off the Las Vegas that we know and love today, and all guests to the casino receive five-star treatment!


The Stratosphere Casino

Set at the top of a large tower, the Stratosphere Casino gives you magnificent views across the whole of Las Vegas, which at night is really something special to see. The casino spans a floor space of 7,400 square feet and possesses over 2,000 different kinds of games – you definitely won’t be stuck for choice if you pay them a visit.


The Palms

The Palms Casino Resort is one of the largest, most famous and most popular casinos in the whole of Las Vegas- people flock to play here from all over the world, including us! More than just a casino, The Palms is a huge entertainment resort with a concert theater, recording studio, lounges and bars, restaurants and much more!


Caesars Palace

Caesars Palace is one of the most famous casinos in the world and features in the films, and TV shows quite a lot! With its Ancient Greek theme giving it that unique edge, several celebrities are seen performing here or even gambling here, including the likes of Celine Dion, Elton John, and Cher.



Without a doubt, Binion’s is one of the best casinos in Las Vegas. Formerly known as Binion’s Horseshoe, it is one of the oldest casinos there- and one of the only one’s that actually provides the original casino experience. Not only are you guaranteed a good game when you’re there, you feel as though you’re going through a piece of history too.


Mandalay Bay

Mandalay Bay Casino really is a sight for sore eyes. If you want a casino with all the glitz and glamor, Mandalay Bay is the one for you! With a Southeast Asian theme, there are almost 13,000 square feet of gaming space!


Treasure Island

As the name gives away, the Treasure Island casino has a quirky pirate theme to it that really makes it stand out, and we love that! It’s a little bit different from the rest! The building cost $450 million to construct, and as you might imagine, such a large space holds a really broad variety of diverse games!


New York-New York

No, despite the name being all about New York, this casino is definitely situated in Las Vegas and is one we love to pay a visit to when we get the chance! Attached to a hotel making it easy to plan breaks away to Vegas as well as casino visits, New York-New York has almost 8,000 square feet of gambling space!



Located in the heart of Las Vegas’ strip, the Bellagio is one of the most luxurious, glamorous casinos there is to visit. Known for its impressive looks, its excellent fountain display, and its large casino, frequented by professional gamblers from all over the globe, if you’re in Vegas you absolutely must take the time (and money!) to visit!


Hard Rock Casino

As unique as the Hard Rock Cafe’s, the Hard Rock Casinos are just as top notch when it comes to interior and service. The casino spans across just shy of 3,000 square kilometers of space, and there is even a whole room dedicated just to poker games!