Mr. Green Online Casino Review

One of the most popular online casinos you’ll ever come across is Mr. Green Online Casino. With the name ‘Green’ linking back to the idea that the site will either take away all your ‘green’ (money) or give you a load of it, it won’t take long before you find yourself wrapped up in the cheeky charm of this online casino.


The unique ‘green’ theme lasts throughout the entirety of the site! Mr. Green is a character in a green top hat, coat, trousers and boots with a green cane and a green car! The site’s primary use of color is- you guessed it, green. The font is green. Everything is green! It can look a bit much at first, but after a while, you get used to it- green is the color of money after all, and we all love some of that!


The casino offers a welcome bonus to all new players, as is standard, with a small amount of cash to match your initial deposit and some free game time on one of the slot machines of your choice too. This is quite appealing to new clients and has proved to be a popular way to attract people to the site. Another bonus aspect of the site that appeals to customers and keeps them returning to the site is the personalized rewards. Depending on a few personal factors, for example, which games you play the most and for how long, Mr. Green Online Casino will cater special promotional deals and bonus offers to you, which is appealing!


Mr. Green Online Casino is a relatively small site in comparison to some of its competitors. However, it still has a brilliant range of games, with over 100 different slot games to choose from and over 100 different style games, such as table games and live games, to choose from too. There’s even a live dealer option on the site which is always a feature lusted after by online gamblers.


In 2016, Mr. Green Online Casino won the award for Mobile Casino of the Year, so believe us when we tell you that the mobile adaptation of the site is brilliant. You can access the casino in full and use all of the features in the same way as you would on a desktop computer or laptop without encountering any kinds of issues, which is very handy in the midst of this digital age.