MGM Grand Las Vegas Review

MGM Grand Las Vegas is one of the most famous casino resorts in Las Vegas- perhaps even in the world. So many people flock from all over the world to come and visit this large casino resort, and with good reason too!


One of the reasons MGM Grand is so popular is because it offers so much more than just a casino. While the casino alone would almost certainly be enough to keep resort guests satisfied, there is also restaurants, bars, clubs, pool, a gym, shows on nearly every night and so much more! You could easily spend an entire week at the MGM Grand without having to leave at all- it just offers everything.


Sitting towards the end of the strip, MGM Grand isn’t located right in the center of the strip surrounded by the constant hubbub of tourists and locals alike, but rather it sits on a slightly quieter portion of the strip. Don’t let this trick you into thinking you’ll get any peace and quiet, though! Much like most major cities, Las Vegas never sleeps, and people genuinely do party all day and then party all night too.


The interior of the MGM Grand is a little bit edgy. While it is one of the most classy resorts to stay in, this isn’t necessarily reflected in the interior design. If you were to stay at the nearby Venetian, you’d have marble pillars and high ceilings, golden mirrors and a luxurious feel to the place. At the MGM Grand, everything is a little more in your face. There’s bright colors, abstract art pieces, bronze statues and mood lighting.


The MGM Grand Casino is, of course, incredible- could you really expect anything less? The casino is one of the top ten casinos in the world in terms of size and offers guests almost 200 different card and table games, which is a huge variety to choose from! The stakes are pretty high in the casino, and there’s a lot of high ballers that want to play, but if you can handle them, you’re in for a good night, and maybe even a big win!