Galaxy Macau Review

If you’re ever making a trip to Hong Kong, it’s worthwhile trying to save up as much cash as you can so that you can make a trip to Galaxy Macau- even if just for the day. You might have to sell your soul to be able to afford it, but it would honestly be well worth your while.

The Galaxy Macau is a casino resort that cost $2 billion to create. To call it a resort really doesn’t seem to cover it when you take in the fact that it holds six hotels with a combined total of 3,800 rooms, 10 bars, and 55 restaurants! You won’t be at a loss of things to do if you choose to stay here.

Set in the world famous Cotai Strip, surrounded by other dazzling buildings, there are a number of features that make Galaxy Macau stand out from the crowd. Let’s take the man made, rooftop beach for one thing. There is 150 meters of soft, white sand, a 4,000 square meter pool and even stimulated waves that reach as high as 1.5 meters in height, actually creating that real life beach experience in the middle of the busy city. Then there’s the fine tea, the excellent treatment from the extremely attractive members of staff, the luxurious designs of the bedrooms (all of which come with their own private pool!) and the amazing dining experience that is provided too. And that’s just the hotel side of things!

The casino is outstanding. You obviously wouldn’t expect anything less, but your mind will be blown from the moment you first walk into the casino. Open for 24 hours a day; there is over 420,000 square feet of the casino to explore, whenever you’re ready to, be it straight after breakfast, or for a more romantic date in the evening. This vast gambling arena holds 540 table games and 1,900 different gaming machines. This sounds like a lot, but in somewhere as vast as this, the casino does get very busy very quickly, and so you can sometimes find yourself battling for space at the table or slot machine of your choice.

There are 30 different poker tables, and some of these are available to be booked out privately- usually by people who are looking to play a game with higher stakes than you could ever even imagine! The interior of the casino is very sophisticated and glamorous- it’s definitely a tuxedo affair for the men and an elegant dress for the ladies!

There are plenty of other hotel amenities to be enjoyed, and the staff really do go above and beyond to help their guests out in any way that they can. Just a short trip from the ferry stop via the free shuttle bus, the Galaxy Macau is definitely somewhere we’d recommend staying!